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As posted on March 19, 2015 on www.consumerist.com

Proposed settlement could pay individual victims up to $10K in damages...

As posted on February 6, 2015 on antheminc.com

Consumers warned of phishing emails from scammers posing as Anthem...

As posted on February 5, 2015 on 11alive.com

As many as 80 million customers of the nation's second-largest health insurance company, Anthem Inc., have had their account information stolen...

As posted on February 3, 2015 on http://www.oci.ga.gov/

Fraudulent telemarketers claim to have life insurance proceeds available for a fee...

As posted on February 3, 2015 on www.consumerfinance.gov

Agreement gives loan forgiveness to victims of Corinithian College's high-cost private student loans

January 30, 2015

GOCP shuts down special events organizer, alleging it made false and deceptive representations...

As posted on January 26, 2015 on www.ftc.gov

Important tips for consumers during Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week...

As posted on November 25, 2014 on www.usnews.com

Electronic cards offer added protections for recipients...

As posted on November 24, 2014 on www.ftc.gov

Defendants Will Pay $22 Million for Consumer Refunds

As posted on November 21, 2014 on www.stripes.com

New policy seeks to reduce abusive sales and lending practices...

As posted on November 19, 2014 on www.scambusters.org

How to plan for nursing home care without being scammed

As posted on October 20, 2014 on www.cbs46.com

Airbags of certain BMW, GM, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota vehicles may need to be replaced...

As posted on October 1, 2014 on www.gefa.georgia.gov

The state of Georgia will have an ENERGY STAR and WaterSense Sales Tax Holiday on Friday, October 3 through Sunday, October 5, 2014.

As posted on October 2, 2014 on www.ftc.gov

Fraudulent telemarketers claimed to have new Medicare card and information...

As posted on September 4, 2014 on to www.ftc.gov

FTC Order Requires Google to Change Its Mobile App Billing Practices to Ensure Consumers' Consent Is Obtained Before Charges Levied

As posted on July 30, 2014 on www.consumerfed.org

Aided by New Technology, Telemarketing Abuse and Fraud Remain Persistent Problem

As posted on July 30, 2014 on www.consumerfinance.gov

CFPB Partners with National and Local Organizations to Train Social Services Staff With ‘Your Money, Your Goals' Toolkit

As posted on July 29, 2014 on georgia.gov

This Friday and Saturday, August 1-2, Georgia residents can take advantage of tax-free items during their school shopping.

As posted on July 14, 2013 on www.consumerfinance.gov

Georgia Firm Relies on Deceptive Court Filings and Faulty Evidence to Churn Out Lawsuits

As posted on July 1, 2014 on www.ftc.gov

Defendants allegedly vowed to revoke consumers' driver licenses; made other illegal threats...