Consumer Services

The Georgia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division protects Georgia consumers and the legitimate business community in a number of ways:

Investigating consumer complaints.  Complaints filed with this office alleging fraud may form the basis for an investigation into a company’s business practices.  A significant quantity of complaints about a business may give rise to legal action—not on behalf of the individual complainants, but to enforce state law.  The decision to investigate or file a lawsuit is based on a variety of factors.

Georgia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division also serves as an information resource in the self-help Lemon Law complaint process and provides arbitration hearings for those eligible consumers whose motor vehicles have not been repaired by the manufacturer in a satisfactory manner.

Filing civil lawsuits on behalf of the State of Georgia and the public good, under the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act and other consumer protection statutes.  While this office cannot represent individual consumers, some legal actions do produce restitution for individuals, as well as serving as a deterrent to other potential violators. Read about some of our recent successes.

Georgia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division works to obtain reimbursement from businesses for consumer losses or obtain settlements concerning companies' future activity.  We can issue hefty fines against those who violate consumer protection laws and seek greater penalties where the victims are elderly or disabled.  Our office can order businesses to stop unfair or deceptive activities by issuing cease-and-desist orders.  We can file legal action against companies or individuals operating in violation of Georgia law and seek injunctive relief, court-ordered civil penalties or other remedies.

Educating consumers — a vital part of our mission.  We believe the best consumer protection is a widespread public awareness of consumers’ rights and of the most common snares in the marketplace.  This knowledge helps people deal more effectively with businesses and make better choices and decisions.  On this web site we are pleased to inform the reader about many different consumer issues, including alerts to new or urgent information.


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