Georgia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division

Protecting Georgia Consumers

The Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division protects Georgia consumers and legitimate businesses from unfair and deceptive practices involving consumer transactions. We do this by investigating consumer complaints, monitoring the marketplace, law enforcement and consumer education.

If you believe a business has acted in an unfair, deceptive or unlawful way, you can submit a complaint to our office.   

Popular Consumer Topics

Lemon Law

Have you had continuing problems with a vehicle you purchased new, leased new or registered new in Georgia? The Lemon Law provides a self-help process to help get eligible vehicles repaired, replaced or repurchased.

What to Do if You've Lost Money in a Scam

It may be difficult to get your money back once it’s in the hands of a scammer, but here are some things you can do to improve your chances of recovering your money. 

Consumer Protection Guide for Older Adults

Read our comprehensive guide for older adults for information on scams, identity theft prevention, credit and debt, long-term care, advance directives, elder abuse and more.

See Something? Send Something!

Report Suspicious or Illegal Activity

Download the “See Something, Send Something” App so you can easily report price gouging or suspicious or illegal activity in Georgia.