Business Compliance

Business Compliance

We strive to ensure a level playing field for Georgia’s lawful businesses, protecting them from fraudulent competitors. We do this by monitoring the marketplace, educating businesses on how to be compliant with the laws we enforce, and holding violators of the law accountable.

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The Georgia Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Division acts as the custodian of official documents that certain kinds of businesses are required to file by law.  

How We Work with Businesses

The Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Division:

  • administers Georgia’s Lemon Law
  • enforces the collection of Lemon Law fees from automobile dealers
  • issues licenses to buying services
  • pre-approves the membership contracts of health spas and fitness centers
  • collects copies of insurance policies and annual audits from debt adjustment companies
  • educates automobile dealers regarding our Auto Advertising & Sales Practices Enforcement Policies
  • reviews proposed auto advertisements for compliance with Georgia’s Fair Business Practices Act
  • pre-approves contracts for private child support companies

Required Filings, Disclosures and Licenses

How to Respond to a Contact from the Consumer Protection Division

The Georgia Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Division may contact you for a number of reasons, including to let you know that a consumer has submitted a complaint about your business, to try to help resolve a dispute, to request documents as part of an ongoing investigation or to notify you of legal action we plan to take.