Landlord-Tenant Issues and Handbook


The State cannot intervene in a dispute between a landlord or tenant, or force either party to take action.  However, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) does offer information and general advice to Georgians with questions about residential landlord/tenant issues in The Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook.  This handbook covers:

  • Basic Tenant Rights;
  • Lease and rental agreements; and 
  • Evictions.

If you do not find an answer to your questions in the handbook, you might also refer to  Once there, click on the drop down of Find Help by State and then click on the State of Georgia image on the map, and select the category Renters & Homeowners

Both sites offer good information applying to rental situations.

Because these brochures are not a substitute for legal counsel, however, you should seek help from a private attorney or your local Georgia Legal Services Program office if you cannot resolve your problem.  You may also pursue an issue with your landlord on your own through the local magistrate court.