Pharmacies and pharmacists in Georgia must be licensed by the Secretary of State.  All pharmacies are inspected prior to licensure and as needed, and they must meet specific standards for operation.  You can verify a pharmacy or a pharmacist’s licensure with Georgia’s Secretary of State

Since pharmacies must meet strict requirements, it is illegal according to the standards established by the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act for a person or company who is not licensed to advertise as a pharmacy.  It is legal to advertise under the category of “home health services,” as long as the ad is not unfair, deceptive or misleading in any way. 

You may report violations of the Fair Business Practices Act to the Georgia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division

What to Consider When Choosing a Pharmacy

  • Are they licensed in Georgia?

  • Does the pharmacist take time to answer your questions in a manner that you understand?  State law requires that he or she offer counseling regarding your prescription.
  • Is the pharmacy open during hours that fit your schedule?
  • In case of an emergency, does the pharmacy provide after-hours service or a special emergency telephone number?
  • Is the location convenient to your home or to work?
  • Does the pharmacy handle the drugs you expect to be taking?
  • Does it accept your insurance coverage?
  • Does the pharmacy deliver?  If so, are there restrictions or additional charges?
  • Can you purchase your prescriptions with credit cards, or do they have in-store accounts?
  • If you have special needs, is it a compounding pharmacy that can customize your prescription?