Telephone Problems

The telephone is indispensable to most people—for keeping in touch with family, friends, companies we wish to do business with and, for those confined to home, the outside world.  This wonderful communication device is also a favorite tool of many businesses and organizations for contacting you to sell their services or otherwise solicit your money or support, whether legitimately or not.

Problems related to your telephone can run the gamut from technical or contractual issues and service complaints, to billing problems and increasing rates, to improper use of your telephone line for incoming calls that may fall into the category of nuisance, or even menace.  In fact, many unsuspecting and vulnerable people are taken advantage of every day by means of their telephones.

What is a consumer to do?  Where do you turn when you have a specific type of complaint? As various government agencies have responsibility for handling telephone-related issues, the following links should provide some answers.