Lottery Scam

Consumers: Please be on the alert for a lottery scam implying an association with Allstate Insurance.

Several individuals – some of whom may be current or former Allstate customers – have received materials, including a letter and a check, indicating that they are winners of an international lottery.  The documents in question may appear to come from a variety of sources, including Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, The Lottery Management Company,  and the International Lottery Incorporated On-Claim Department.

The check enclosed in these materials, although bearing an Allstate logo and referring to the “Flood Insurance Program” is not legitimate, is not authorized by Allstate and will not be honored by any bank or other financial institution.

In the materials, recipients are instructed to call a telephone number before cashing the check for further instruction.  It is likely, as with similar lottery communications that have been identified as scams in the past, that during this call the recipient will be told to provide payments and/or personal or banking information in order to receive lottery proceeds.  Of course, with a scam, the recipient will never receive any lottery proceeds.    

The addresses on the documents connected with this scam todate are 70 Foster Drive, Suite 800, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6V2 and P. O. Box 34200, Bethesda, MD 20827-0200.  The phone numbers listed are 1-416-827-4625 and 1-866-781-2876.

Please be advised that Allstate is not associated with any of these groups, and does not sponsor any lottery.  See Allstate's web site for additional information about this scam.