Personal Training Contracts

Every Personal Training establishment is required by Georgia law to submit to this office, a blank copy of its Personal Training contract for review and approval.  It is CPD’s position that a Personal Training establishment includes but is not limited to individuals or organizations that execute Personal Training contracts for services within a particular gym.  Personal Training services includes as one of its primary purposes, services or facilities that are purported to assist patrons to improve their physical condition or appearance through change in weight, weight control, treatment, dieting, or exercise. 

No Personal Training contract shall be valid or enforceable unless the Personal Training establishment has on file a statement signed by the Attorney General or his designee certifying that a copy of the contract is on file with the Attorney General and is in compliance with the Fair Business Practices Act. 

To be approved by this office, every Personal Training contract must contain on its face, a 7-day cancellation notice for consumers.  Personal Training contracts must also contain the following provisions:

  1. a provision which states that a consumer may cancel the contract within 30 days from the time he or she knew of any substantial change in the services or programs.
  2. a provision which notifies the consumer of his or her right to cancel the contract in the event of total and permanent disability.
  3. a provision which states that consumers with a history of heart disease, should consult a physician before executing a Personal Training contract.
  4. a provision which allows the consumer’s estate to cancel the contract if the consumer dies during the membership term.
  5. a provision which gives consumers the right to terminate payments under the contract, in the event the Personal Training establishment ceases to operate and fails to offer an alternate location, substantially similar, within ten miles.
  6. a provision which informs consumers that paying for the contract in advance may be risking the loss of their money if the Personal Training establishment ceases to conduct business.

Remember, it is CPD’s position, that gym owners are responsible for ensuring that all Personal Training contracts executed for services at their facilities are in compliance with the Fair Business Practices Act.  While many gym owners already protect their members by submitting Personal Training contracts to this office for approval, it is important that all gym owners understand this responsibility.

If there are any questions regarding this information, you may contact our office.