Multilevel Distribution | Business Opportunity – Consent to Service

Georgia law requires any multilevel distribution company or business opportunity seller to irrevocably appoint the Georgia Secretary of State as its agent for service of process for any alleged violation of the Multilevel Distribution and Sale of Business Opportunities statute (O.C.G.A. Sections 10-1-410 through 10-1-417).


Corporations Division, Georgia Secretary of State

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2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., SE
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Each seller numbering among its participants or purchasers any resident of this state, which has agreements made in this state, or which has its principal place of business in this state, shall irrevocably appoint the Secretary of State of this state as its agent for service of process for any alleged violation of this part....[O.C.G.A. Section 10-1-416(a)]

A standard-format Consent to Service may be used to fulfill this requirement, or you may use the form provided below.  If you choose to fulfill this requirement using some other format, please be aware that that language "irrevocably appoint the Secretary of State of Georgia as its agent for service of process" is essential.  Any Consent to Service document not containing that language will be returned by the Secretary of State. 

There is a nominal filing fee charged by the Secretary of State's Office for submission of the Consent to Service. Mail the Consent to Service form with a cover letter to Secretary of State. 

Brochures, sales literature and any other documents will not be kept on file. If you have any questions, contact the Secretary of State's Corporations Division.

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