Credit and You

There was a time when most transactions that resulted in a transfer of wares, services or property from one person to another involved simply a direct, hand-to hand exchange of currency or bartered goods.  As a promise-to-pay system evolved over time as an alternative to cash transactions, things became a little more complicated.

Today, merchants routinely offer a credit option to customers who meet certain qualifications, and this brings both greater flexibility and a greater possibility of personal overextension.  It also opens the door to opportunists with fraudulent intent.  As a result, the federal government and the State of Georgia have responded with laws to regulate aspects of the credit industry and to help protect you as a consumer.

You can find a wealth of facts on almost any credit-related subject, from obtaining a copy of your credit report to fair debt collection practices, on the web site of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  The topic links below to information gathered by our office from various sources should prove helpful as well.

You can use the FTC’s online complaint form to report problems with companies that issue credit, help you get out from under debt, or promise to do either one.  If you have been involved with such a company that you feel has engaged in deceptive or fraudulent activities, you may also report it to the Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Division.  For more specifics, please visit any of the pages listed below.