Dear Fellow Georgian:

Protecting Georgia’s consumers from unfair and deceptive business practices is a major focus of the Georgia Department of Law.  Our Consumer Protection Division is dedicated to stopping these practices and assisting those who have been victimized.  We are equally committed to providing ongoing consumer education and outreach to help consumers avoid falling victim to scams in the first place.

Supporting our older Georgians is an integral part of our consumer protection mission. Older adults face unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. They are often targeted by scammers who view them as particularly vulnerable to fraudulent and deceptive schemes. We have created this guide to empower older adults with the information and resources they need to make wise choices about their money, safety, assets and well-being while avoiding fraud and exploitation. Additionally, the guide educates readers on defenses carved out in Georgia law should they fall victim to abuse, in any form.

I welcome consumers to contact our office at (404) 651-8600 or online at for additional information or to submit a complaint about an unfair or deceptive practice.


Christopher M. Carr
Attorney General