Door-to-door salespeople frequently target older adults since they are often home during the day.  While some door-to-door sales are legitimate, many are scams in which con artists use high-pressure sales tactics to coerce consumers into paying money for a product or service they do not need, or one that never materializes.

Tips to Avoid Door-to-Door Sales Scams

  • It is wise not to allow a salesperson into your home unless you have a prescheduled appointment.
  • Always ask to see the salesperson’s ID.
  • High-pressure sales tactics often indicate a scam.  If you are feeling pressured, you do not have to be polite. You can interrupt, tell the person firmly that you are not interested and shut the door. 
  • Ask the salesperson to leave you with some written materials to review rather than signing a contract or making a purchase on the spot.
  • Never sign a contract without first reading it thoroughly and making sure you understand everything.
  • Get all prices, warranties and cancellation policies in writing.
  • Never pay in cash.
  • Door-to-door sales purchases of $25 or more are subject to the FTC’s Cooling-Off Rule, which gives you the right to cancel your purchase within three business days and receive a full refund. If the seller fails to do any of the following, he/she is violating the law:
    • Tell you that you have the right to cancel the order within three business days for a full refund
    • Provide you with a written summary of your cancellation rights
    • Give you two copies of the cancellation form (one to keep and one to send if you decide to cancel your purchase)
    • Give you a copy of your contract or receipt
  • An expansion of consumer protections under Georgia Law that went into effect on July 1, 2023, includes a 30 business day cancellation right for those sales that include payments above $10,000.00, involve a lease longer than 120 months and are eligible, or are alleged by the seller or seller’s representative to be eligible, for federal tax credits. This primarily impacts sales of solar panels.

Report any door-to-door scams or violations to the Georgia Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 404-651-8600 or by going to