How it works

Con artists pose as representatives from your local gas or electric company. They may call or knock on your door, claiming that you have an unpaid balance and that unless you pay immediately – typically via Green Dot Money Pack prepaid cards or your credit card – they will shut off service. 

In another version of this scam, fraudsters, identifying themselves as utility contractors, tell consumers they have been hired to replace a meter for a fee of about $400 and insist on payment via a prepaid card in order to avoid a disruption of service.

What you should know

  • Utility providers will never come to your door to collect payment.
  • Utility companies will not call to ask for your credit card or bank information. 
  • Do not trust caller ID alone to verify the identity of the caller. Many scammers use spoofing technology to make the caller ID appear with a valid company name and/or phone number.
  • If you think there may truly be a billing issue with your account, do not provide any information to the caller. Instead, hang up and call the phone number listed on your utility bill.